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Class Information and location

This is Page is where you will find what to bring to the class.


For Puppy, Toddler, and Teenage year classes, the dogs arrive with either a basic collar, martingale style collar, or a harness.  Choke or prong collars are not welcomed.  The dogs must be on a lead at all times. 

For Animal Assisted Introduction classes... NO DOGS AT First class.  This first class session will be an informative class. No training will take place.  See below for the location of the first class session. All other sessions will be TBA.

Treat selection- small bit size treats

We DO NOT recommend that you bring their kibble for training sessions. We recommend that you pick a new and exciting treat for class time.  It will help increase the value of the treat (reinforcer) when it is new and exciting.   We recommend tiny treats so that your furry friend doesn't decide to take a long moment to enjoy the treat. 

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