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About us

Bringing positive reinforcement training and animal-assisted therapy to the Kalamazoo area

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Our Approach

Positive reinforcement

We are proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. The Karen Pryor Academy is a trusted source for evidence-based dog training, and focuses on the use of positive reinforcement to encourage dogs to repeat desirable behaviors. They say: “We don't teach positively just because we're nice (though we are), but because we understand the history and use of punishment in training. Karen Pryor Academy's approach is more effective in every meaningful dimension.”

Animal Assisted Intervention

Evidence shows that supporting children and adults with informal animal interactions can reduce stress levels and anxiety by lifting mood, provoking laughter, and increasing oxytocin levels. Animals can help children to overcome insecure attachment and engage in play. And research has shown that petting a dog can even increase motivation and focus.

Meet the Team

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