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Positive reinforcement training for all goals and needs.

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1:1 Private Training

If you’re struggling with your dog’s behavior, or need help to make a change, our tailored 1:1 offerings will help address your specific concerns or needs.


These lessons may include time in our facility, your home, or field trips to understand and address behaviors. We can help you address behaviors such as barking at the mailman, eating food off the counter, pulling while walking, and much much more, all using positive reinforcement techniques. We’ll work together to understand the root cause of your dog’s behavior, and how we can make environmental and behavioral shifts to address it. ​


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Puppy, adolescent, and adult group classes

We offer a range of courses to help you and your dog connect and communicate. For our youngest furry friends, we offer puppy, toddler, and adolescent courses tailored to their developmental stage.  


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we disagree! We also have a range of offerings for older dogs too, to work on specific skills like walking and interacting with people in public, as well as certification courses such as for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC).

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We offer tailored 1:1 consultation and support to select and train a service dog to meet your needs. Training can take place between the dog and trainer at our facility, or can include the handler as well.


Service and emotional support dogs can be trained to take on a wide range of tasks to support their handler. They can provide support to people who with sight or hearing impairments, open doors, and carry items for their handlers, and so much more. They can even complete tasks when health concerns arise, such as finding assistance, alerting their owner to blood sugar level changes, or interrupting panic attacks. 


If you’re interested in finding or training a service dog, reach out to us here for a free consultation

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Therapy Dog Prep

Working as part of an animal-assisted intervention team is a tremendously rewarding experience. Animal-assisted therapy brings joy and healing to so many people around the world. These courses are for you if you’re interested in learning more about how you and your dog can become a trained animal assisted therapy team 

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